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What is Graphic Design?

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Graphic design is actually an art with a purpose. It is a visual communication and artistic expression of concepts and ideas using different graphic tools and elements.

Graphic designing is basically a problem solving with the uses of images, symbols and words.

Elements of graphic Designing

Graphics use mostly image based designs involving photos, logos and symbols, illustration and typing based designs. The graphic Design includes various combinations of the following elements which are as follows.


The shape gives us the variety of ways to fill spaces by using creativity. Shapes help us to support text base content. The white space gives the clarity to the design structure.


This is an important element of a design.  With the concrete understanding of colour theory, a designer can amazingly influence a design and a brand.


Typing is basically a Text form of a design, type transform a message from mere text to a work of art. Usage of different fonts with the combination of sizes, alignments, colour and spacing can add power to the point that you are communicating to the world.


The possibilities are limitless in lines, Curved, Wavy, thick, thin, curved and straight. Lines allow dividing a space or separate content into a layout. The lines can also guide the eyes of the viewer, or make other elements follow a strategic path for added find ability to get the viewer easily from point1 to point2.


A glossy and smooth advertisement also looks awesome by using the textures. Texture adds a sense of depth, if the selection of appropriate paper and material is proper.

What do graphic designer create?

They create visual concepts by using software or by hand. These designs communicate ideas that may inspire, inform and captivate consumers. A designer can develop overall layout and production design for a business advertisement, flyers, magazines and reports.

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