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Steps to Startup a Business in UAE

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If you are planning to start a business in Dubai United Arab Emirates so, there are many of the things which you must have to follow to start a new setup in Dubai.

Dubai should be top of the list if you are searching for the attractive business possibilities in a region and has the potential to reach more customers.

UAE Dubai is the one of the seven emirates of UAE, and it is the most famous one. That’s why there are many Business opportunities in Dubai.

How to get a Business Licenses in Dubai?

If you are thinking about Starting a business of any category then you must have a license for it.

The necessities of any trade license from the government of Dubai or from the various agencies can vary on the category of your business.

3 Most Famous Business License Categories in Dubai

There a 3 major types of license issued businesses in Dubai

  1. Commercial License:

Companies which are engage in any kind of trading activities.

  1. Professional License:

This issues to service provider company’s professionals and craftsmen’s.

  1. Industrial License

companies which are concerned to any industrial activities and engage in manufacturing something.

 Hiring Employees in UAE

Being a business owner hiring the right employees for your business is a big challenge. And if you are running an online business in Dubai (UAE). When we are talking about the high skilled workers and specialists, then Dubai is a very competitive market.

You must need to get help from a well reputed recruiting firm to find the right talent.

What are the costs to setup a business in Dubai?

The one who wants to start up a business in Dubai he/she must have a clear idea of the cost to startup a business in Dubai UAE.

Here are some costs which are linked with setting up a business in UAE Dubai.

  • Trade Name Approval
  • Initial Approval Costs
  • Attesting the memorandum of association
  • Department of Economic Development fee
  • Office rent
  • Drafting the contract and attesting the court agreement

Stating a new business in Dubai is not that much difficult. You just need to have a detailed business plan, the understanding about the local law.

Legal Business Structures in UAE (Dubai)

The Federal Law in Dubai defines the seven legal structures of business organization, which are as follows

  1. Limited Liability
  2. General Partnership
  3. Public Shareholding
  4. Partnership in Commandments
  5. Private share holing
  6. Share partnership
  7. Joint venture

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