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Latest Web Programming Languages, Every Web Developer Must Know in 2019

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Web developer should know about the latest technology used in Development sector. Web Development comes up with many rules and techniques. If you want a responsive website with proper functionality then you as a developer must familiar with the latest technologies and it will helps you to achieve your success.

Being a Developer you must know about 3 main languages in programming which are

  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • HTML

In this article we’ll talking about the latest techniques used for Web Development in 2019 and hoping that it will make sense to you.

5 Latest Programming Languages

Computer doesn’t understands the language which used by human beings, computers needs different way to communicate with us. They only understands the programming languages for communication.


It played a very important role in modern programming. JavaScript is a front-end development programming language. Many of the social media accepts that JavaScript is an easy way to build communicating pages easily.

JavaScript is compatible with all the major browsers and it’s flexible with the syntax it holds.


This is a user friendly programming language which is used for web development and also as a support language for software development.

Python syntax is clear, natural and resemble to the English language. And its Object-based subsets is almost similar to JavaScript.


It abbreviate as Personal Home Page, its stands for Hypertext preprocessor. PHP is a general purpose programming language, you can say it a scripting language as well. And it runs on a server, PHP basically used to create web pages written in HTML. Its popularity because it is free, easy to setup and simple to use for programming learners.

C# (C-Sharp):

C# is basically developed by Microsoft in 2000 as challenging to java. It has a various features which make it easier for the learning of beginners. The code is more logical as compared to C++.

Shortly, it perfectly used to develop, desktop applications, web applications and also proved itself in 2D, 3D and VR gaming.


Ruby is a dynamic, open source programming language. This language is focused on productivity and simplicity. Its basic purpose in programming is to simplify the programming environment and making more fun.

In this programming language u can build an application with a short code. But it’s not an easy to maintain and this make it’s slow.





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