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How will Web Design Change in the Future?

admin - August 24, 2019 - 0 comments

The Web designing is an important progression, with a lot of Scope in present and also in coming days . It’s an important part of Information Technology (IT) industry. Being a good web designer you must have a deep knowledge about HTML and CSS.

Web Design’s in future getting more advanced than ever before. Here we going to share 5 trends which will keep shaping the web design in future in order to meeting the new technologies.

Ultra-fast Internet Connectivity: 5G Networks

New 5g networks Ultra-fast connections will opens the doors for designers to create advanced and innovative mobile designs that will respond to the new technologies.

The 5g Networks are expecting  that it become mass by the end of 2020. It’s the fastest internet introducing, the expected download speed will be 1 Gbps.

And this means that it take no long time for loading the heavy sites, and it will makes mobile phones faster and more reliable.

Innovative Technology and Tools: Video and Animation

In past few years, video has become an intimate part of web design and a strong medium for communication.  Facebook is the very main example of it, Facebook invest tons of resources and effort also to maximize the efficiency and the popularity of their video content.

The social media before now become massive, and after that it provides users with the opportunity to upload 3D models.

The video has become No1 marketing tool in the next few years, it is showed by latest few statics.

It looks that video is already become favorite medium for users to communicate with a brand. So the video is most major trends for web design in 2019.

New WordPress 5.0

5.0 wordpress was released on Dec 6th introducing a brand new method of creating web page layouts by using modular blocks.

User can now create blocks of content and also use pre-made ones to build unique web page layouts. That innovation treated as a biggest update in 2018. It usually uses CMS Content Management System.

User get access to create blocks of content and use pre-made ones to build unique layout.

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