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5 Best Mobile APP Security Testing Tools In 2019

admin - August 27, 2019 - 0 comments

The smart phone and the Mobile phones are the two major famous terms that are mostly used in this busy and hectic world routine.

It’s measured that almost 90% of the world’s population has a Smartphone in their hands.

There are various other features in the Smartphone instead of calling the other party which are Bluetooth, Camera, Wi-Fi, GPS and other many application by using them several transactions are done easily.

Purpose of Testing a Mobile Application

Application testing software developed for mobile devices for their functionality, security, usability, performance as known as Mobile Application testing.

Top Mobile Application Security Testing Tools

Here we are getting chance to learn more about the top Mobile Application Testing

  •    Zed Attack Proxy
  •    Micro Focus
  •     Kiuwan
  •    LinkedIn
  •    Android Debug Bridge

1.   Zed Attack proxy

It’s an easy and simple used tool. Earlier its only used for web applications but now it used for all type of mobile applications also.


  • ZAP is actively maintaine by hundreds of international volunteers.
  • It is very easy to install.
  • World’s most popular open-source security testing tool.
  • It is available in 20 different languages.
  • Zed is an international community-base tool which provides support and includes active development by international volunteers.
  • It is also a great tool for manual security testing.

2.   Micro Focus

It provides end to end mobile Application security, and testing across multiple platforms, devices, servers and networks

Fortify is a tool By Micro Focus that secured mobile before getting installed on a mobile phone


  • Fortify supports multiple platforms such as Google Android, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows and Blackberry.
  • it performs comprehensive mobile security testing using a flexible delivery model.
  • Security Testing includes static code analysis and scheduled scan for mobile apps and provides the accurate result.
  • Identify security vulnerabilities across – client, server, and network.
  • Fortify allows standard scan which helps to identify malware.

3.   Kiuwan

It provides a 360 approach to mobile app security, with the largest technology coverage.

The security testing includes software composition analytic, static code analytics with automation at any stage of the system development life cycle.

4.   QARK


  • It highlights the issue related to the Android version.
  • QARK scans all the components in the mobile app for mis-configuration and security threat.
  • It creates a custom application for testing purposes in the form of APK and identifies the potential issues.
  • QARK is an open source tool.
  • It provides in-depth information about security vulnerabilities.
  • QARK will generate a report about potential vulnerability and provide information about what to do in order to fix them.

Android Debug Bridge

It’s an operating system for mobile devices which developed by Google.

Google was established in 1998.It’s headquartered in California, the United States with an employee count of more than 72,000. Google’s revenue in the year 2017 was $25.8 billion.


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